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Netzero Collective - Good game, good game!

Good game, good game!

The NetZero Collective was launched in 2020 as a truly collaborative effort to make change happen. Bringing together property owners, industry partners, and academic bodies to design fabric-first and whole-house retrofit solutions for decarbonisation of UK buildings

Targeted were tasked with building an interactive and immersive "Play Your Cards Right" style game for an exhibition at the CIH - Housing conferences in Manchester in 2022 and again in 2023.

During the game of chance, the player is presented with randomised cards for selection. Choices have an impact upon annualised energy usage, carbon footprint, as well as energy costs.

From concept to completion, Targeted worked closely with the team to ensure that the game provided the player with an immersive and engaging experience. The game is proud to provide highly accurate reflections of the energy usage, carbon savings, and costs alike.

Powered by 100% renewable energy 🍃

The secure web-based application achieved multiple goals for Netzero Collective:

  • Engagement with conference attendees
  • Raising awareness of home decarbonisation methods
  • Capture attendees' contact information
  • Brand reinforcement
A game of chance with 130 different outcomes from the three cards in six categories
Netzero stand at CIH Housing 2022 conference
“It’s looking brilliant, and I’m really pleased with it. So massive thank you!”

The events were attended by over 16000 people over three days. Attended by industry leaders, politicians, over 900 speakers, and over 600 exhibitors, the must-attend event for all things housing.

Targeted were trusted to deliver a first-time-right web application befitting of such an event, and such an audience.

“Thanks for all of your work on the game, its looking great!”

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