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About us

We plan, build, and deliver bespoke web based software. We believe in a digital-first approach to accelerate growth and engagement, and deliver a first-class user experience. Our team is made up of a collection of highly experienced professionals who like a challenge.

Targeted understand that engaging and interacting in a user-friendly digital space is crucial to your business. Visitors to your site need to have a persuasive, relevant and compelling experience, regardless of their reason for visiting, the device they are using, or their level of computer literacy. We know how to make that happen.

A Targeted approach

We know how to build great projects that deliver great results to; achieve your commercial objectives. A digital agency with a difference, we’re more than just doing as we are told, we focus on understanding your situation and becoming an expansion of your team.

Your business is different and unique, every client presents a new challenge, a new opportunity and the chance to do something different for your team. We work with you to drive digital engagement and optimise your online and communication business objectives to take make sure your business is digital-first.

What we do

Web Development

Websites perform exceptionally well, on any device.

A web development platform to improve all your online communications and designed to deliver results. Your website is the front door to your organisation – it needs to make a good impression; to do this you need the right technology, and that technology is a Targeted Website. Building innovative websites driven by your objectives and the user journey, we can take your complex self-service portals or third-party integrations and create websites to suit your business needs, customer needs and device needs.

Digital Transformation

Developing digital solutions that drives big results.

The fast evolution of technology means you need to make your user journeys more engaging that is why we believe digital is the way forward – and that is where we can help - our team will understand what you want to do with digital and how your organisation can reach its online engagement objectives. We are committed to evolving your technology infrastructure through digital transformation; we can help you enhance your processes, team culture and customer experience.


A helping hand and expansion of your team.

We believe the future is digital. Rather than being forced to respond to digital disruption, we can help you plan for the digital change and deliver efficiency savings and improve services for users. We offer consultancy days to help understand your commercial and business objectives for the online market and determine digital solutions, whether it is a website, self-service portal, chatbot or app. Let us become digital growth partners and deliver the results you desire.

How we do it

Digital Transformation

Collaborating with you for an evolved channel shift.

Targeted understand that engaging and interacting in a user-friendly digital space is crucial to your business. We understand the importance of having effective, easy to access online services for your customers and clients, as digital is pushed as the ‘channel of choice’.

We’ve helped organisations in the public and private sector shift towards digital channels to transform their user engagements. We’ve built customer portals, managed complex integrations and created innovative enterprise content management systems to make sure they can service and empower their customers and tenants while enabling their communications teams.

Self-service & automation

A must-have tenant self-service portal.

Drastically reduce call centre conacts by empowering tenants to self-serve.

The bespoke website application has made reporting a repair easy. Using a step-by-step process utilising images, text and simple room categorisation, we developed the portal to help users accurately identify the problem and upload an image to provide additional details of the repair required.

Created in collaboration with your internal teams we can ensure this tool supports the right repair to be reported, as well as provide advice and information to make clear where a repair is the responsibility of the tenant and if they will incur a recharge. (We’ve seen great success of this tool, as it has enabled internal staff to utilise the application when diagnosing a repair over the phone with a customer.)


Optimised and supported websites with the user in mind.

We apply best practice search engine optimisation principles to the site to ensure maximum exposure. Through the application of good SEO, our clients see targeted traffic reaching their site but most importantly the site is responsive and so the user gets a great and secure experience across all devices and content that uploads quickly.

Our collaborative way of working has resulted in a collection of websites that not only enhance the group brands of our client but also provide users with a coherent and trusted experience whatever the devise it's viewed on.

Digital Asset Management

A simple exchange of brand assets.

Say goodbye to large email attachments, we can equip you with an efficient digital asset management system to deliver your brand assets instantly to your team and your customers by getting the right content to the right audience at the right time.

We enable our clients to have their own digital asset management system so they can easily store, view and share assets with large and multiple marketing teams, globally. Creating a central repository for the internal team and a system that enables third-party users from various locations to view and access specific campaign and point of sales assets needed to order and purchase easily online. A quick resolution for a smooth and simple exchange process to challenge email and telephone orders.


Turn still words into engaging visuals.

Struggling to find the right words? Our team will transform your words into videos that speak for themselves. Video content is becoming increasingly popular and becoming the channel of choice to consume information, we will help your organisation turn clicks and views into leads and revenue, as we work with you to create engaging videos that work in conjunction with your communications processes.

Not only do we love to get out the drone for some stunning and cinematic shots, but we've also helped create animated inductions videos for large organisations to replace large and long presentations and ensure inductions are easily carried out on or off-site, as part of health and safety processes.

Email Campaigns

Communication is the key to staying connected.

Email marketing is a tried and tested method for communicating with your customers. We can help you stay connected with your audience by helping you manage your marketing campaigns so you can continue to get the right content to the right audience.

By using a flexible, bespoke approach we can rapidly try, test and experiment with email campaign ideas, technology, software and tools to discover which ones work best for your company and help you stay connected.

You don't have to take our word for it

  • The team at Targeted are friendly and are always willing to offer advice. They manage all our websites and supported us in implementing new and innovative features. No job is too small for them to help us with, and they make the effort to understand our business needs to offer suitable solutions.
  • Targeted have delivered something new and fresh. The system is absolute value for money and will never out date as the team at Targeted are always building it to be entirely capable so it is completely tailored to work within our business. Working with Targeted has become the ultimate partnership, we feel it is equally their project as well as ours. Targeted always deliver and go beyond our expectations.
  • We have been working with Targeted to deliver a responsive website to support our customers living in our 14,600+ homes. Targeted provided a Content Management System, integration to our Housing System, and provide ongoing hosting for our websites and valuable consultancy.
  • has been live with Targeted since October 2010. It is a large website with a great deal of information and pages and we have invested heavily in creating a globally used resource. The support services, access to the developers, and the support we receive is excellent. We worked with an agency previously where communication was difficult, slow and confusing. Targeted have consistently provided a very high level of support.
  • We appointed Targeted to design a website that was simple to navigate around yet professionally reflected our business. We can honestly say that the service and support we received has been excellent…including the bacon sandwiches!

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